Security of Wireless Networks AS16

Autumn semester 2016
Course no. 252-1411-00L, (5 ECTS)

Lecture: Tuesday, 13-15h, in LEE building, room E101.

Exercises: every second Friday, 13-15h, in protected pageCAB E 87.2 (enter via 88.1).

Course responsible: Srdjan Capkun ()
Assistants: Luka Malisa, Nikos Karapanos and Mridula Singh.

For any issues, contact us at the following e-mail address:

Course Announcements

14.12 Oral exam schedule updated

07.12 Tentative oral exam schedule is now online

10.11 Lab manual updated with lab 4 instructions

27.10 Lab manual updated with lab 3 instructions

28.09 Lab manual online (general guidelines and lab 1 instructions)

28.09 Lab group assingments online

20.09 The lecture takes place in the LEE building, and not the ML building. We corrected the information on this site.

Oral Exam Schedule

The exam will take place in CNB F102.2 and will roughly last 20 minutes per student. The exam is not necessary if you don't need a grade ("Schein").
In the case that you cannot make it to the exam for any reason, please contact the Pruefungsplanstelle (+41 44 632 20 68).

Exam Schedule: [DownloadPDF (PDF, 80 KB)]

Course description

Core elements: Wireless communication channel, Wireless network architectures and protocols, Attacks on wireless networks, Protection techniques.

Course content: Wireless channel basics. Wireless electronic warfare: jamming and target tracking. Basic security protocols in cellular, WLAN and multi-hop networks. Recent advances in security of multi-hop networks; RFID privacy challenges and solutions.

Learning objectives: After this course, the students should be able to: describe and classify security goals and attacks in wireless networks; describe security architectures of the following wireless systems and networks: 802.11, GSM/UMTS, RFID, ad hoc/sensor networks; reason about security protocols for wireless network; implement mechanisms to secure 802.11 networks.

Oral exam = 80% of the grade
20% exercises and related reports

Detailed content

  1. Wireless Electronic Warfare
    basics (wireless channel equations)
    jamming and antijamming
    low-probability of intercept signals (LPI)
    source localization techniques
    Related exercise: cantenna
  2. Security of WiFi networks
    802.11 architecture and protocols
    (un)authorized access: MAC filtering, WEP, WPA, 802.1X, 802.11i
    Selfish behavior in WiFi networks
    Related exercises: WiFi security issues
  3. Security of Cellular networks
    GSM and UMTS security architectures
    Attacks on GSM networks
  4. Security in wireless multi-hop networks
    architectures and protocols
    naming and addressing
    key establishment/management
    secure distributed computing
    thwarting selfish behavior
  5. Secure RFID systems
    readers and tags
    security issues: privacy, forgery, sabotage
    RFID security protocols
  6. Special (research) topics
    wireless device pairing
    broadcast authentication
    secure localization and time synchronization

Lab Exercises

Labs will be organized in separate groups and all will be held in protected pageCAB E 87.2. Lab materials will be released progressively throughout the semester.

Lab group assignments: [DownloadPDF (PDF, 59 KB)]

Lab manual: [DownloadPDF (PDF, 1.1 MB)]

Cantenna project: [DownloadPDF (PDF, 195 KB)]

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