System Security AS16

No exercise session on 22.09.2016.

First Lecture: 26.09.2016

First Exercise Session: 29.09.2016

Current information, documents and the exercise submission system is available on the Moodle page:

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Autumn semester 2016
Course no. 252-1414-00L, (5 ECTS)

Lecture: Mon, 10.15h -12.00h, NO C 6 !NEW ROOM!
Exercises: Thu, 13.15h -15.00h, HG D 3.2

Course responsible: Prof. Srdjan Capkun (), Prof. Adrian Perrig ()
Teaching Assistants: Der-Yeuan Yu, Aritra Dhar, Laurent Chuat, Hubert Ritzdorf ()

Lecture start: Monday, 26.09.2016
Lecture end: Monday, 19.12.2016 (Tentative)

Written exam

Performance assessment is based on exercises/reports submitted through the semester (20%) and a session examination at the end of the semester (80%). Details will be discussed at the end of the semester.

Learning objectives

In this lecture, students learn about the security requirements and capabilities that are expected from modern hardware, operating systems and other software environments. An overview of available technologies, algorithms and standards is given, with which these requirements can be met.

Content Description

The lecture covers the security of individual computer systems, including personal computers, smart cards and dedicated platforms. The course starts with considerations of cryptosystem implementations and side channel attacks, security of widely used computer platforms and tamper resistant hardware. The course continues with the examination of operating system and application related security mechanisms, from their security architectures to malware; this part also cover virtualization and sandboxing mechanism, and modern virtualization platforms. Finally, the course ends with a set of selected security topics like biometrics and computer forensics.

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